I picked thi game up at Gamestop after reading a few good reviews about it, and man, they were not lying. The game really gets you attached to your character after the first few minutes of gameplay and story missions.

I really felt like he was a good guy, and I actually wanted to be good for once in a video game. I was expecting something like GTA 4 were you just shot up everyone without many problems. You can be bad, or good, but I chose to be nice and while its harder, I think you get more rewarded from it.

 Anyway, there are tons of things to do (In single-player, havent tryed out multiplayer yet) such as hunting, playing horseshoes, poker, liars dice, and other stuff, 100s of missions (story and side missions, called stranger missions) to do, and just going out and getting drunk at the saloon.

 There are lots of different horses and carriges to get (or steal) , but the horses are kind of annoying sometimes. Like when you call your horse it comes to you but then just keeps going, and following you around when your trying to be sneaky, and getting in the way when your shooting and other small stuff.

But otherwise, its really fun, and its fairly easy to get around the game world, which is also huge. Its divided into two parts, america and mexico. You unlock mexico after a certain mission.

The story is the best in any game I played last year, I wont spoil it, but it involves redemption (duh).  Best western game ever made.

I name Red Dead Redemption my game of the year 2010.

Graphics: Fantastic, character models are great, realistic physics and the like.

Gameplay: Easy to play, with lock-on aiming modes.

Replay Value: High, see paragraph #3.

Overall: 9.75. If you see it, GET IT.