This game is one of the most frustrating video games I have ever played. Sadly I can't get my $20 back. I was looking forward to this title and was hoping it would be just like the NES version but with a facelift to bring it into the current times. Boy was I wrong...

Pitching: Probably the most fun aspect of this turd. Which is saying absolutely nothing at all. Your pitchers will tire early and often. You WILL use all four pitchers that are available during EVERY game. That's not much different from the NES version, but I remember being able to get through a game with my starting pitcher and my closer on that version. Getting a hit against the opposing team is like trying to get a hit against a cheating Yankees pitcher with pine tar strategically placed on certain parts of his arms. You'll rejoice like crazy when you finally hit a homerun, because it won't happen often. When it does you will most likely be losing the game in the bottom of the 8th inning 12 to 1.

Batting: The absolute most frustrating thing I have ever tried to do in a video game. This ranks up there with people using AIMBOTS on CoD or Titanfall. It's unfair. When you get a hit it will most likely be a single. Singles and the very rare home run is how you will score your runs. Meanwhile the opposition will get singles, doubles, triples, and multiple home runs per game. Home runs don't feel like home runs when you hit the ball. In the NES version you knew it when you hit it. In RBI Baseball 14 you'll toss your controller in the air and shout, "Another flippin fly ball!"

Fielding: Do yourself a favor and keep fielding assistance turned off. The only thing this does for you is the player will track fly balls and run right to the point where the ball will drop. You can't control when your fielder dives for the ball like you could with the NES version. Tracking the ball is difficult beyond belief. Turning a double play becomes almost as rare as hitting a home run. You almost feel as if you have real no control of what happens in the field. The players will throw balls hard sometimes and sometimes they'll just lob the ball to the destination.

RBI Baseball 14 is a dumpster fire. Plain and simple. You will get more enjoyment out of taking a $20 out of your wallet, lighting it on fire, and watching it burn.