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  • Blog Post: Rayman Origins Review: No Rabbids Required

    When I started playing Rayman Origins, I didn’t have any particular fondness for the character or the series in general. I always felt that, amiable as he might be, Rayman was a junior varsity player in a league of professionals. Call me a convert. After putting down my controller for the last... More
  • Blog Post: Rayman Continues To Impress With A New Trailer

    Every time we see the upcoming Rayman Origins in motion, we come away impressed, and the latest trailer is no exception. This clip focuses on one level that takes place inside the belly of some sort of dinosaur creature. He's got heartburn and it looks like Rayman is either creating it, or helping... More
  • Blog Post: Newest Rayman Origins Trailer Is Violent And Cute

    How do you turn your enemies into bubbles in Rayman Origins? Apparently, any attempt to cause bodily harm will balloon them up and send them floating. Ubisoft's latest video for the upcoming cooperative platforming details 10 ways you can beat up the bad guys and cause them to "bubblize."... More
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