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  • Blog Post: Lighthearted Fun With The Possibility Of Death

    Concept Platform through a jungle filled with enemies Graphics Bright, colorful, and cartoony Sound Interesting soundtrack that actually features a diggeridoo Controls Simple and flawless Technical Runs at a smooth 60 FPS at all times Replay Value Moderate. There's a bonus world, and you can always... More
  • Blog Post: Trouble is Brewing in the Glade of Dreams

    Designer Michel Ancel's newest creation is an utter surprise on many levels. Not only does Rayman Origins further prove that 2D platformers can still hold their own on the current console generation, but it is also one of the most gorgeous titles of 2011. It's hard to imagine a game like Origins... More
  • Blog Post: Multi-Player Platforming at it's Best

    Like many platformers, Rayman Origins is a simple game. You run, jump, and occasionally attack your way through many levels. Somehow though, Ubisoft has made it addicting and fun without making it complicated. The story is a very small part of the game, but that is a good thing. You don't really... More
  • Blog Post: The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Rayman Origins.

    Rayman has always been one of my favorite videogame characters of all time and I’ve been awaiting a real Rayman game for quite a few years now. Sure, Origins isn’t the amazing platformer that Rayman Raving Rabbids was supposed to be, but it’s as close as I am going to get for a while... More
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