At first, I was drawn to Rayman Origins by its vibrant colors and a chance to engage in some 4-player platforming bro-action with my friends. Needless to say, I was stunned when they turned down my offer, saying things like "It's too childish" or "Its not even in 3D". So I, dissapointed, sat down by mysel to play the game. After a few hours with the greatest platformer of this console generation, I was an entirely different person. Let the swift hammer of "I told you so" come crashing down upon my friends because they were absolutely, 1000% wrong. This game is a must-have for anyone of any age who enjoys quality platforming.

Rayman Origns comes out of nowhere. As the five main characters are relaxing in a tree, their snoring disturbs some old lady who begins throwing things at them and eventually captures them. After breaking free, Rayman and friends begin an epic quest to rescue nymphs, destroy pirate ships, and save these cute little pinkballs called Electoons which are used as collectables for new characters and extra stages where you chase a running treasure chest through a hazardous obstacle course.

All the abilities you unlock in-game are controlled with smooth precision, making this game easy to be good at, which allows you to have more fun playing it as it tests your quick-thinking skills with increasingly challenging levels. The audio of the game is very soothing and the game is a passionate explosion of bright colors and sheer happiness. There's somthing in Rayman Origins for everyone, and this is one game that certainly should not be overlooked.