Like many platformers, Rayman Origins is a simple game. You run, jump, and occasionally attack your way through many levels. Somehow though, Ubisoft has made it addicting and fun without making it complicated.

The story is a very small part of the game, but that is a good thing. You don't really need to know why all these bad guys showed up, you just go until you get to and beat them. The pacing of the game would have been disturbed by adding in any real cut-scenes in between the levels. The main attraction of the game is the mindless fun you can have with multiple people. Earning the next costumes secret levels is more than enough to keep you playing. Each environment in the game is very unique and adds different mechanics to the game. On the dessert level, there are a lot of music themes, so you bounce off of drums and run across insturment strings. The best part is that I enjoyed every one of them, and did not find one level set particularly taxing. Another strong point is that the secrets in the levels are hidden well enough that you have to look, while having enough easy ones to remind you that they are there.

This game is without a doubt a multiplayer game. Playing alone seems fun, but not near as addicting as having friends next to you to compete and share the comical animations with. I can hardly think of a cooperative game that I had more fun playing with two or three friends.

Overall, Rayman Origins is a great game, specifically when played with friends.