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Rayman Legends

Take A Deep Dive 20,000 Lums Under The Sea

Every new trailer for Rayman Legends is bittersweet. On one hand, each gorgeous example is a reminder of how much we're looking forward to playing it. On the other, it's a reminder that we were supposed to have the game in hand already.

In this latest trailer, Rayman and friends venture off a turtle's back and under the sea for some mischief. You'll be able to try this out for yourself when Ubisoft delivers the game into our eager hands (finally) on September 3, 2013, on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U. If you're desperate to give it a try now, you can grab the Wii U-exclusive challenge mode from the eShop right now.

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  • Rayman origins was the first platformer that made me enjoy water levels ore than land levels. Lets hope they can pull that off again this time around.

  • i loved Rayman Origins, it was so beautifully done. this looks to hold the same charm. worth my money