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Rayman Legends

These New Rayman Legends Screens Are Terryfying

Rayman exists in a beautiful world of color and happiness. I'm not sure how these terrifying fanged furballs got in there.

The latest screens for the Wii U platformer feature Rayman at pals outrunning some scary critters in what appears to be a volcano. Luckily, there is at least one screen of the group running through the grass to help cleanse the palette.

We're still not sure of Legends exact release date, but we're hoping it will be a Wii U launch title. Ubisoft is making no promises.

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  • That game looks fantastic.  

  • can't wait.  it's gonna be awesome have two extremely good 2D platformers at launch to play.

  • It's a Ubisoft game, of course it'll be a launch title. Now I need to go have nightmares about these horrific images.

  • Very gorgeous looking screens. I dig this art style.

  • they look like demonic fuzzies from the Paper Mario games...

  • cool.

  • TERRYFYING? really good spelling huh

  • Ugh... Go back to the 3D Rayman games Ubisoft and then you can have my money.

  • Looks like Rayman unlocked the gates of Hell.