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Rayman Legends

These New Rayman Legends Screens Are Terryfying

Rayman exists in a beautiful world of color and happiness. I'm not sure how these terrifying fanged furballs got in there.

The latest screens for the Wii U platformer feature Rayman at pals outrunning some scary critters in what appears to be a volcano. Luckily, there is at least one screen of the group running through the grass to help cleanse the palette.

We're still not sure of Legends exact release date, but we're hoping it will be a Wii U launch title. Ubisoft is making no promises.

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  • WoW, that is going to be gorgeous looking game.
  • ive been meaning to play Origins for a while now. just picked it up off Gamefly for $9. hope it's worth it.
  • Looks really good.

  • I cannot wait to play this. I adored Origins and Legends is looking even better.

  • I would be excited if it wasn't a Wii-U exclusive. Origins was such a great game, but I'm not buying a Wii-U for Legends.
  • Obviously, Rayman needs to do a better job cleaning up the world once again. ;-)

  • This is going to be a GREAT game, I can't wait! The graphics look outstanding!

  • This game looks even more beautiful than the first one. Love the art style.

  • I'm so glad the franchise has stepped back to what made it amazing in the first place. One of my favorite series again.
  • So is this any different than the one for my Vita ?????
  • I think I might even like this art style more than Origins.

  • Please come to 360 and PS3.

  • That one fire screen shot reminds me of the very last level of the game (the true last level), god that was hard. One thing I loved about Rayman Origins was that every time you got stuck you slowly made progress and improved on it more and more until you actually beat the level. Then you go revisit it later on down the line and you breeze through it. I haven't had that sense of progression ever in a game before. It feels so rewarding. It has made my top ten game list and would be number one if nostalgia didn't get in the way and push other games up the ranks.

  • those screens are crazy, too bad the game wont sell well..that is the curse of the rayman games...
  • Looking good!

  • Is this still a Wii U exlusive

  • I love Rayman, but I have no plans to buy a Wii U-I hope it becomes available for PS3.
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