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Rayman Legends

Meet The Newest Addition To Rayman Legends

The upcoming Wii U game has a new manic platforming hero to introduce you to.

Ubisoft sent along this new trailer for Rayman Legends, which serves to introduce Barbara, a brand new addition to the game's roster.

Rayman Legends serves as a follow-up to the excellent Rayman Origins from last year. The new game, currently exclusive to Wii U, looked great at E3, and it's fun to see that the Rayman lineup of characters is going to see some new additions this year. 

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  • Looks fantastic! I loved Origins, still play it on my Vita. Here's hoping they bring it out on something other than the Wii U. I don't feel like buying a new system anytime soon. Too expensive.

  • Indeed. I am looking forward to this game.

  • watch okay video

  • I loved what I saw of this game at E3.

  • God, I hope it's not a Wii-U exclusive...I really enjoyed Rayman Origins. Honestly, wouldn't a switch of systems alienate the fan base quite a bit? I mean, they even switched companies (Microsoft and Sony to Nintendo). While I have no preference between the three (maybe less Microsoft than the others), I question their judgement on that. As for the character, looks pretty interesting, and at least doesn't have breasts that supersede rational thought.
  • Awesome looking character!

  • I hope it comes to PS3