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Rayman Legends

Meet The Newest Addition To Rayman Legends

The upcoming Wii U game has a new manic platforming hero to introduce you to.

Ubisoft sent along this new trailer for Rayman Legends, which serves to introduce Barbara, a brand new addition to the game's roster.

Rayman Legends serves as a follow-up to the excellent Rayman Origins from last year. The new game, currently exclusive to Wii U, looked great at E3, and it's fun to see that the Rayman lineup of characters is going to see some new additions this year. 

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  • Looks great. Can't wait for this game.

  • A red haired viking themed heroine? Almost makes me want to buy a Wii U just for this game....almost.
  • Just beat Rayman Origins yesterday. Loved every moment of it. I'm super happy that they've continued the Rayman franchise for this long, I just wish that this wasn't a Wii U exclusive..
  • More Rayman? sounds good.
  • Man, this game looks great!

  • I love her already. :)

  • Admitted her animations have tons of personality, kinda looking forward to playing as her.

  • Good to see that the fairy is playable, or is it a fairy. Why does she have arms, she apparently didn't get the memo.
  • Mod

    I think I have a new favorite character!

    PS. That music... Please tell me the whole game's soundtrack will be like that. With the song in the trailer and the level they showed off at E3, this could be one amazing OST.

    PSS. Rayman Legends will have a presence at Gamescom? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MORE DETAILS PLEASE!

  • should add a little Carl too. and maybe russell

  • I loved Rayman Orgins, it was a TON of fun and also a great platformer. I'm buying the Wii U opening day so hey, why not?

  • The better get this on the other platforms.

  • Exclusive? Nooooooooo... /sob

  • Rayman may be on a pretty good role these days.

  • I think I might be the only person who misses the old Rayman.
  • Well, at least she's an improvement of the "complete dumb f uck" design philosphy that gave us Globox and Murphy... I hate the new Rayman games' style SOOOOOO MUCH.
  • rayman origins was an amazing platformer. Actually i enjoyed it more than new super mario 3D. can't wait for rayman legends!

  • Please make it to the Vita.

  • nice  rayman same wow good

  • I would love it if the characters played differently, but i love the games anyway

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