Update: Trailer added. When Rayman Legends was first shown during Ubisoft’s press conference, I noticed some three-dimensional polygonal elements and worried that that the studio had decided to start moving away from the gorgeous two-dimensional art style that made the original so eye-catching. Thankfully, the three-dimensional elements of the game are reserved for only a few parts, and I was assured that none of the playable characters would be three-dimensional.

The demo began with a Wii U tablet in my hand. A Ubisoft staffer was kind enough to control Rayman, while I controlled his floating buddy with the touch screen. I initially pulled out the stylus ready to use that for the full demo, but the representative from Ubisoft told me that Michel Ancel, the man behind Rayman, did not like when people used the stylus. Ancel wants it to be played with your fingers. I put the stylus back in its holster and began playing.

As Rayman made his way through the medieval-themed level I was cutting ropes to create platforms, pulling up walls from the ground for Rayman to bounce off of, cutting grass for no particular reason, tapping bad guys to stun them, and tapping lums to give them higher value. I was focused entirely on the Wii U screen while my partner controlled Rayman on the television. The only time my focus shifted to the television screen was when I would rotate the tablet the shift platforms for Rayman to jump off of. One bonus level in particular had me rotating the entire stage to make Rayman’s trip through spike-lined walls safer.

The level I played was entirely reliant on both Rayman and myself to get through to the end. Ubisoft is saying that there will be specific levels designed around co-op, and separate levels for single players.

What followed was a level similar to the levels in Rayman Origins where you chase the treasure chests at full speed. In this level, Rayman blasted forward as fast as he could go, while I tapped barriers and enemies in rhythm with the music. I was effectively playing a version of Elite Beat Agents while Rayman was platforming as fast as he can. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had at E3.

Despite enjoying this level, I nervously asked if these levels would be a total replacement for the treasure chest levels from Rayman. Ubisoft said that those were very popular and would be making a return.

Try as I might, I could not get any information about a release date. Not even a window. I hope we get to play more of it soon.

For a closer look at the game, watch this extensive walkthrough video.