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  • Blog Post: More levels/features for Wii-U?

    So does this make the Wii U the definitive version? The loading does not seem bad on the last gen consoles and WiiU from my experience and I really liked the pad features implemented in the demo for WiiU. Are those just cut out of the PS4/Xbone versions? Not being bias, I have all the systems and want... More
  • Blog Post: Rahman Legends

    I passed on this game for my PS Vita when I heard it was coming for PS4. And I'm glad that I did its a lot better of course on the PS4. And that means a lot when trying to figure out want platform to buy it on. And I am sure that just like any other game that has come out for next gen consoles its... More
  • Blog Post: DownPlay Reviews #14 - Rayman Legends

    Screw the introduction, I’m just gonna ramble for a few sentences this week. Rayman Origins was one of the best games of 2011. Nay, one of the greatest games of all time. I say that with no regrets, no second thoughts, this is proven fact, justified true belief. It was awesome. It was like a breath of... More
  • Blog Post: Maybe Mythical, But Not Legendary

    Rayman Legends. The sequel to the much acclaimed and utterly masochistic Rayman Origins . Formerly a Wii-U exclusive, now freely available to everyone except 3DS and Wii gamers. Is it worthy of being called a legend? Is it even worth buying? Has Michal Ancel finally done it again? Almost, and it kills... More
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