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Rayman 3 HD

The Hoodlums Of Rayman 3 HD

HD remakes are all the rage these days, and Ubisoft is giving the 720p treatment to Rayman 3 in Rayman 3 HD. Take a look at this latest trailer showing off some of its bad guys.

This video breaks down some of the main enemies in the game, and gives you a glimpse at how you might want to take them on.

Rayman 3 HD comes out for PSN and XBLA on March 20 and 21, respectively, and also features nine exclusive minigames.

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  • It looks great in HD. Still own my original Gamecube copy, so I'm most likely not going to purchase this. Anyone that's never played this should definitely give it a try(if they're into platformers).
  • They should include a copy of this or a coupon for a free download with new copies of Rayman: Origins. Help boost sales of that spectacular game!

  • cool!

  • Awesome. I Love the whole HD remake trend.

  • god this brings back memories

  • cool

  • I luv Ubisoft

  • Great game, I'll probably pick this us even though I could just play my copy.

  • I used to play the crap out that game on the original xbox. Still one of my all-time favorite games

  • It's been sooooooooo long since I've played this game!  I recognize all these enemies, but I don't remember any of the level designs

  • i love platformers so much. might have to get this

  • this is one of the most boring episode in rayman

  • Oh man I had so much fun with this game when i was a kid. I cant wait to get back into it.

  • I think I finally have a reason to use the Xbox Live Arcade.

  • Ahh, yes! It'll be nice to play this game with a controller... and HD graphics of course!

  • Those bad guys look aweful, in more ways than one lol.

  • Mod

    cannot wait

  • I like Rayman Origins don't know if I'll get this though

  • It's only going to be 10 bucks on PSN...nice.

  • Is it sad that the only Rayman game I owned was the Gameboy one?

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