Not sure what to buy on the ever growing Playstation Network. Well here is a must own title. It makes the top 5, if not the #1 title realesed as of yet.  The simplistic game play makes it a fun adventure for all in the family.  The graphics are a stunning visual masterpeice. The story all though simplistic in its own rights, is enthralling. There is a fantasia like magic in navagating glowing pedals through epic vistas.

The game not only keeps you visualy entertained, but it plays on your emotions like a cat and a fiddle. With bright and happy feilds to dark and forboarding piles of electrified metal. You wont wanna pu down the controller as you follow the hope of every flower on your window sill.

I give this game a 9.50 as it delivers on evrything you want in a game. Not to mention the new and inovative gameplay.