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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

We Play Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One’s Intro Stage

Every huge scale adventure has a beginning, and after months of checking out various sections of Ratchet’s latest adventure we got to check out the start of the game.

The game begins with President Quark accepting an award that should have gone to Ratchet and Clank. Naturally, Doctor Nefarious crashes the party and unleashes a gigantic space monster loose. The creature creates a wake of destruction throughout Luminopolis, consuming the vast energy flowing through the city. The cast of colorful characters have no choice but to band together and take down the beast.

The early stage familiarizes players with the game’s basic mechanics, meaning everyone gradually gets used to the basics of platforming and working together. One of the first obstacles the four must overcome together is hitting switches simultaneously, but this soon turns into more complicated tasks such as working together to steer a flying taxi. Obstacles pop up along the city skyscrapers as players move around the hover car to steer it left and right. One jerk can cause grief for the whole team by steering the taxi into oncoming traffic, but if the three others counter his weight they can democratically negate the shenanigans.

After the gigantic monster bats the taxi out of the sky, the four protagonists land on a big pipe below. In familiar Ratchet & Clank fashion, they proceed to grind on this tube throughout the city. Players dodge electrical fields and fight for position in order to collect all the bolts at the bottom of the grind. This introductory level concludes with the team buying their first weapon, the combustor.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is shaping up to be a must have for PS3 owners itching for local or online co-op action. I’m looking forward to continuing past this first level when the game arrives on PlayStation 3 on October 18.

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  • So is this game multiplayer only?
  • Would sure be nice if they had a new trailer up in the near future. =)

  • I'll be getting this to give my girlfriend and I something to play together besides mortal kombat.

  • I am very much looking forward to this game! So glad its local co-op, just what I wanted.

  • Graphics look astonishing,period.

  • Oh man I can not wait for this game. As long as it can be played single player, and as long as playing it by yourself does not ruin the experience, I will be all over this game. I am not very happy that it is such a large departure from the franchise since I adore the classic Ratchet and Clank gameplay. However, I am more than willing to give it a chance.
  • Any word an a traditional Ratchet game? I have a feeling this will have lackluster single player.
  • well here's hoping it doesn't end up like that one Crash Bandicoot game.

  • Intersting.

  • this game looks really good.  it dropped off my radar after Heroes on the Move came out and wasn't that great.  They just seemed so similar that I forgot about this one.

  • Looks fun.

  • Can't wait.  Insomniac is my favorite developer.

  • Well, R&C: All4One is definitely not Heroes on the Move.  I enjoyed the trailer, but I wish the difficulty was a little higher.

  • i love plateformers to death, and one thats as funny as the ratchet and clank series is a must buy, i mean come on they said speed dating convention, lol

  • i would be skeptical about this departure from the ratchet and clank norm if it was anyone but insomniac making it. theyve managed to keep this series a blast with each new installment for nearly a decade noe, so i'll trust that they know what theyre doing.

  • Looks fantastic, but I don't know how I feel about it being so multiplayer/co-op focused. Will have to get my hands on the final product before I make a purchase.

  • looks awesome