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Rambo: The Video Game

Rambo Kills 'Em All In Bloody New Gameplay Trailer

You just can't keep John Rambo down. Five years after returning to the silver screen to man a .50 cal turret for a memorable and bloody five-minute sequence, the one-man army is back for a B-rated video game romp.

From the minds of relative unknowns Reef Entertainment and Teyon comes Rambo: The Video Game. Rather than tread new ground, this game recreates the greatest hit moments from First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. This new gameplay trailer features Rambo throwing police officers into trees, crashing a helicopter into a tank, and turning every enemy soldier in sight into a fine blood mist. Check it out for yourself:

Rambo: The Video Game is scheduled to release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC some time in 2014.

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  • My God, that's the best looking n64 game I've ever seen!

  • My God, that's the best looking n64 game I've ever seen!

  • I love Rambo so hopefully this won't suck to bad, lol. Heck, just copy Far Cry!

  • There are so many problems here.... Firstly, I think it being an on-rails shooters is an incredibly stupid decision. Secondly, why is it coming out for retail? Reef Entertainment will make more money putting it on XBLA and PSN for 10 dollars. It looks like a downloadable game more so than a retail game.... This is probably going to be one of the worst games of 2014. Rambo should retire....
  • oh...ohhh why would somebody even play this?

  • So I know we usually complain about super scripted events, but I think it suits this game to be honest. That said, it looks like it was developed by two separate teams and then they brought everything together. It's a little weird... :S

  • Uhhhhhhhhh.....


  • DAY 1 purchase for me! if its 20 bucks. if it retails for 60 bucks? i'll just wait about 3 weeks till it becomes 20 bucks. But really, this looks epically bad. I cant wait to play it. Aliens colonail marines was actually pretty fun if you love the camp and crap factor. I wanted for that one to hit 20 bucks before purchasing as wel.

  • Does anyone realize this is a game developed by an Indie Team? Stop comparing it to a AAA developed game.
  • This game looks stupid, sure, but it looks entertaining as hell and I'm sure playing it will be fun. Get off your Bioshock and Naughty Dog infested high horses and look at the game for what it is: absurd, mindless fun.

    Whether or not they can pull off the "fun" part without the game being broken is yet to be seen, though.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There are times when I have to stop and ask myself "Do these people understand that they're making a bad game?"

  • This game looks similar to Ride to Hell Retribution.

    I will get fun from unintentional humor...

  • Is this running on the PS2?

  • No our take Matt? lol

  • Is this one of those must have wii u games?
  • Looks pretty bad.  Can't wait to play it!  Also can't wait for Dan to play it on Test Chamber.

  • Though it seems a little late, I'm happy they're still making games for my ps2

  • If I had a DreamCast, this would be GOTY for sure....I do however think the right dev team could make a sick ass Rambo game for next gen