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  • Blog Post: The Horrors Of War

    Later entries in the Rambo movie series devolve into typical action movie fare, filled with scenes of Sylvester Stallone unloading machine guns into untold numbers of enemy combatants. Despite this, the original movie carries a clear theme of non-violence. He doesn’t want to hurt the policemen... More
  • Blog Post: Rambo: The Video Game Shows Its Stoic Face For A New Gameplay Trailer

    Rambo comes off as a fierce warrior in the latest trailer for Rambo: The Video Game. He also comes off as a man incapable of showing emotion. You can check out the latest trailer below, titled Machine of War, where John Rambo stabs and shoots his way through the jungle all while, impressively, maintaining... More
  • Blog Post: Rambo Kills 'Em All In Bloody New Gameplay Trailer

    You just can't keep John Rambo down. Five years after returning to the silver screen to man a .50 cal turret for a memorable and bloody five-minute sequence , the one-man army is back for a B-rated video game romp. From the minds of relative unknowns Reef Entertainment and Teyon comes Rambo: The... More
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