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  • Blog Post: A Slimmed-Down Combatant Struggles With The Weight Of Expectation

    Ash is dead, but she doesn’t know it yet. Our team of operators is positioned at three different points of entry. I’m watching the assault unfold from inside the barricade with a drone I placed under a couch after locating the bomb. I see her outline approach the door cautiously, crouching... More
  • Blog Post: Meet Rainbow Six Siege’s Explosive Spetsnaz Operators

    Russia’s contribution to Rainbow Six Siege comes in the form of four Spetsnaz operators that excel at tactical and explosive takedowns. Ubisoft has also announced that the game is complete and reconfirmed for a December 1 launch. The video below introduces us to mounted machine-gun wielding Tachanka... More
  • Blog Post: Germany Enters The Fray

    Rainbow Six Siege, a first person shooter revealed at E3 2014 , received a new trailer at Gamescom. In the trailer, a previously unannounced German squad known as GSG9 launches an assault on a group of terrorists. This attack takes place in the middle of a German harbor. The harbor, a new map, features... More
  • Blog Post: Detonate Bombs, Hammer Through Walls, And Fight Off Terrorists

    Rainbow Six Siege offers highly destructible environments, five on five online battles, and the series' most famous mode: terrorist hunt. In the new trailer below, Ubisoft emphasizes the intensity of the game's multiplayer. Ubisoft also released a set of screenshots featuring actress Angela Bassett... More
  • Blog Post: Terrorist Hunt Comes To Rainbow Six Siege With Bigger, Badder Terrorists

    Throughout the history of Rainbow Six, one of my favorite modes has been Terrorist Hunt, a classic cooperative experience where players team up to take out all the enemies on a map. Being successful required a patient approach and flexibility to react when enemies start flanking and attacking from multiple... More
  • Blog Post: Six Ways Rainbow Six Siege Is Reinvigorating The Tactical Shooter

    At the start of the Xbox 360 generation, the Rainbow Six Vegas games were two of the most highly rated and popular military shooters. In the seven years since, a lot has changed. Call of Duty became a multi-billion dollar juggernaut, Battlefield found its footing in the console space, and new games like... More
  • Blog Post: Rainbow Six Returns To Its Multiplayer Roots With A New, Destructive Twist

    During the original Xbox era, the Tom Clancy shooters, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six, ranked right up there with Halo in terms of competitive multiplayer communities. But entries were scarce during the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 era, and attention turned to games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. After dumping... More
  • Blog Post: Explosive New Rainbow Six: Siege Screens

    Ubisoft has followed up its E3 reveal of Rainbow Six: Siege with this intense new batch of screens. They depict the potential action and drama players can expect from this squad-based shooter. Check out the gallery below for the full effect. For more on Rainbow Six: Siege, check out the E3 reveal trailer... More
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