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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Returns To Its Multiplayer Roots With A New, Destructive Twist

During the original Xbox era, the Tom Clancy shooters, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six, ranked right up there with Halo in terms of competitive multiplayer communities. But entries were scarce during the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 era, and attention turned to games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. After dumping the promising Patriots concept we featured on our cover in December 2011, Ubisoft is entering this competitive space once again with Siege.

The E3 demo takes place in a Boston suburb, where the Rainbow Six team must square off against a group holding a woman hostage in a McMansion. This six-on-six variant of the classic Elimination mode begins with one team fortifying the home against invasion with barricades and barbed wire while the other team uses drones to search the house for the hostage location, keep track of enemy movement, and locate a weak point for entry. Once the countdown ends, the mode transitions into the breach. 

The SWAT team can enter the house through the front door, windows, garage, or man-made entry points with the help of a breaching charge. All of the environments are destructible, so after barricading a door the hostage holders could shoot a hole to track movement on the other side. They also have gadgets that can create traps like a motion activated mine. 

Each side had three classes to choose from - Assaulter, Breacher, and Point Man for the assaulting team, and Protector, Trapper, and Sentry for the defending team. We didn't have time to delve into the particulars of these classes, but each has unique weapons, gadgets, and armor, the last of which effects movement speed just like in Rainbow Six Vegas. 

The action is fast and furious, and communication is key to staying alive. Some of the classes have shields that teammates can hide behind as they move through the tight quarters. Since players can shoot through walls, ceilings, and floors, you could get capped from almost any angle. If you are wounded, teammates have a short window during which to revive you, but breach blasts and headshots will immediately end your life. If you do meet your demise, you can use cameras to locate enemy positions and call them out to your team via the microphone. The victory conditions are simple - kill all the enemies, or if you are the attacking team escort the hostage to safety. 

Rainbow Six: Siege's long term value will likely be determined by the variety of scenarios, progression path, and balance, but after playing a round from the perspective of each team, I think it has potential. We hope to spend more time with the game in the coming months.

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  • Guess I'll have to make the leap to next gen soon.

  • Sold

  • This looks really cool and I'm glad to see Rainbow 6 back in the spotlight but I'm very disappointed they dropped the R6 Patriot plot line. That was dealing with some VERY heavy themes that even Hollywood seems reluctant to touch. It would've been fantastic for video games to take on something so politically polarizing and controversial.
  • I'll be deeply sad if this doesn't have the level of customization that R6: Vegas had, that was brilliant and I'm still dumbfounded hasn't been cloned more. Also would love the classic terrorist mode just for the hell of it. Needless to say I'm psyched for Rainbow Six as I'm quite tired of roughly same FPS formula in the last years since R6 Vegas 2

  • This is exactly the type of game I love. A shooter with strong emphasis on teamwork, heck yeah!
  • I loved Vegas and Vegas 2 and I was just talking with my roommate while playing 2 the other day that it'd be nice to see another Rainbow Six and voila! We have Siege! Very sad they dropped Patriots it looked so promising and could've been one of the better games story-wise in a long time.. Nevertheless I am definitely excited for this game!

  • Being a huge fan of the book, this makes me very moist.

  • Id still like to see another Rainbow 6 similar to the originals where you set up multiple squads and give them orders before the mission to take on buildings full of terrorists.

    Another classic Rainbow 6 would be sick as hell

  • I hate to be that guy, but it should be "affects movement speed," not "effects movement speed." I wouldn't point it out if it weren't for the sake of quality journalism. Great article though, and I'm excited to see how this game progresses!

  • Bring back the rainbow six we want and loved! A great co-op LOCAL story mode, not again, online only multiplayer! It should be store driven game first then online, not the other way around.

  • That gun sound for the g36c rifle was absolute crap. Compared to previous rainbow titles and cod AND battlefield games, I REALLY hope that this is fixed. I like fps games where the guns sound like they are...well guns, and have that 'oomph' to them. That thing sounded like a toy. One of the reasons that turned me off of Black Ops 2 is that it had the same problem (with the AR's at least).
  • Freakin awesome.

  • So no patriots? I never heard it was officially cancelled.

  • From the gameplay trailer this looks like another original multiplayer game and that is what sorely lacking in multiplayer games originality.

  • Well, I for one am extremely glad Patriots was ditched for this. This looks true to the Tom Clancy universe/world. It's been too long.

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • This looks like the next generation of War Sim multiplayer right hear. The scenarios are real and the game play is dynamic, but the only question is "will it stay fresh, after countless hours of gameplay"?
  • Screw this game. I bought past R6 games for their single player focussed campaigns. Im not interested in a MP focused R6 game. So I hope it fails. There are too many online social FPS these days. They've all become extremely tiresome.
  • looks interesting, but why would a rescuer put the hostage in front of him, just like the assaulting team?

    like to see more before I am sold.