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Rain Concept Video Is Not Quite A Trailer

It's not really a trailer in the traditional sense, but there is gameplay footage in the newest video for the PlayStation 3 exclusive Rain.

It's a concept video that serves to represent the emotion that Rain seeks to represent rather than just showing the game outright. Rain will be available on the PlayStation Network October 1.

For more on Rain, head here to check out our Test Chamber of game showcasing over 10 minutes of gameplay.

[Source: PlayStation Blog Europe]

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  • I'd rather play a piano in the rain.
  • i really want to play this...

  • seems like a traditional trailer to me.

  • This looks awesome, I want this :3

  • Clair de Lune, love that song. I'm really looking forward to this game. PSN has a ton of cool indie titles, hope they keep it up on the PS4.

  • Oh goodness. One of those kinds of games that make you emotional.

  • That's such a beautiful trailer, but it's a shame that it doesn't show off what the game is that much. Just a crisis of advertisement: showing off the game's essence or just its gameplay. Anyway, as much of a Journey fan as I am, maybe this has a good shot at finally being 2013's Journey-ish entry. For the great experience that I had with Journey, I hope it is. :)

  • looks (and sounds) fantastic! Can't wait to dl this on the 1rst!

  • Now games like these I can appreciate the Indie Market for, as long as they aren't really banking on pure nostalgia to sell the game.

  • Think I will be picking this up when it is released.  Looks good.

  • Not much there to get.  I have read up on the game and know that if I hadn't, that trailer would have given me little to go on.  It looks creative, but I might pass on this one when it comes out.

  • Cool rain can look young enter ghost room wow.
  • good game but a weird trailer