During a Sony event at GDC 2013 we checked out Rain, an upcoming PSN game about a young boy on a cold wet journey to find a girl.

Rain is being developed by the same internal Sony teams that created Echochrome and Tokyo Jungle. The game tells the story of a young boy who begins to follow a young invisible girl who is being chased by a group of ghost-like monsters. After entering a mysterious alternate dimension, the boy discovers that he himself has become invisible. The rest of the game is a series of stealth challenges and puzzle-filled environmental exploration.

While the boy is in the rain, his silhouette becomes visible, but when he stands under cover, he becomes completely invisible to the enemies around him. The boy has to use his wits to avoid detection, but he also might occasionally need to reveal his presence to his foes in order to save the girl. We didn’t get to see any puzzles in action, but the developer gave us an example where the boy has to lure an enemy over to a specific part of the environment and then get it to run into a wall and knock an object off of it, thereby opening up the boy’s path.

We didn’t get any hands-on time with the game, but its vivid visual style and immersive sound design won us over. Rain should give players plenty of reason to stay inside out of the sun when it releases later this year.