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  • Blog Post: A Satisfying Mix of Order Anarchy

    RAGE . Not only do I resist the urge even now to make puns about that name, but I am amazed to say that it defies almost every expectation you have about it. If you told me I'd have some of the freshest fun in an singleplayer open world post-apocalypse game, I'd have laughed in your face. Now... More
  • Blog Post: Great game. Would have been classic with actual multiplayer included

    This is a spectacular game. The gunplay is up near the top of the current generation. Vehicle parts were somewhat boring after a few. I don't understand how they could make such an excellent combat system in a game and not have any combat based multiplayer! Huge failure there. Actual multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: RAGE: a good but flawed game

    Rage is an absolutely GORGEOUS shooter that doesn't really play by the rules. It's not really an open world game, and if think it's too much like Fallout 3 or Boarderlands, think again. It's not trying to be either of them, and when you play it, you realize it's nothing like those... More
  • Blog Post: Id Software Excels At Their Strengths, Doesn't Flop At The Rest

    Rage is a beautiful and terrifying game. This was evident from the opening cinematic, which features a massive asteroid crashing into earth; detailed by id’s gorgeous id Tech 5 engine. The entire game’s visuals are incredibly crisp and clear. My only other comparable experiences were with... More
  • Blog Post: RAGE Review

    Rage is the newest release from id Software, the pioneers of the FPS and creators of such games as DOOM and Wolfenstein. This game is id Software’s proclaimed return to the business of creating games, after being absent for a few years. Does Rage stand out enough to make it a front runner in FPSs’... More
  • Blog Post: Raging through the Wasteland

    Set in a post-apocalyptic waste, id software's leap back in the FPS foray is exciting, and a visual treat for gamers new and old. I'd liken the game to a mixture of Fallout meets Bordelands, if you completely rip out the RPG soul of both games. This may be a deterrent to those only interested... More
  • Blog Post: thumbs up

    This game was well worth the money. I enjoyed pretty much every moment the game play is smooth hand i didn't have one problem with it. Thing is when you think of Bethesda you think elder scrolls and Fallout I'm sorry but this is still like them but they don't give you a choice for most things... More
  • Blog Post: Return of the Old-School Shooter

    Many people have been disappointed by Rage. I guess they were expecting a military shooter. I bought Rage in hopes that it would be like Doom and it is. I grew up playing id Softwares games and this game delivered. This game is not like Borderlands, which to me is not much like Rage, plus Rage is way... More
  • Blog Post: RAGE: The More Action-Oriented Fallout

    I walked into GameStop around noon on Black Friday to pick up my $20 copy of RAGE. To give the employee a break, he probably had been working since either midnight or the day before to accommodate for the shopping fiasco, but he said a few words to me that I still remember. He told me not to buy the... More
  • Blog Post: Solo game

    Rage surprised me on how a console game can look. Most other games drop frames to 30 or drop the resolution to look this good. Enemies are smart and roll around. They change tactics to your weapons. Characters look amazing as well. id did everything right with the graphics. What I didn't like was... More
  • Blog Post: A standard issue FPS - excellent AI, 'been there done that' environments, and no story

    Ok, lets get the one thing Rage does extremely extremely well: AI - the bad guys try to come at you in a way you just dont see in video games, and their animations are absolutely top notch. This kept Rage interesting for me until the halfway point, but the lack of any kind of real story is the main bummer... More
  • Blog Post: Feel the Rage

    A new game came out this year. Its a game called RAGE made by a little company called id Software. Oh and by little, I mean they CREATED the FPS genre, the most money-making genre in the industry. However, I'm not reviewing id as a company, I'm reviewing RAGE as their most recent IP to break... More
  • Blog Post: Excellent Ideas, Flawed

    Normally I devour whatever Bethesda publishes. From Stormhold to New Vegas, they have published worthwhile titles. Not treading far off from the "Post Apocalyptic ' formula (a genre I go batshit for) RAGE seemed like a great merging of two amazing companies (ID- the masterminds behind DOOM)... More
  • Blog Post: rage let me down

    i beat this game in 15 hours thinking i still had one more disk to go.the thrid disk is multi player.i have heard about this game for years and im disappointed.aslo there is not a satisfying or clear ending it was 20 secounds long More
  • Blog Post: The Way to go!!!!

    Rage was fo sho the way to go. Once I started playing I was hooked right away. Lots of shooting and very challenging. The guns are all very awesome and the game play is sweet. Alright story line. I must say the lamest thing was the driving, it was just a bit difficult but that's the only complains... More
  • Blog Post: Thoughts on Rage

    Rage is one of those games that has a lot of big expectations to fill since this was coming from the notorious developer id Software. Notorious because id Software is usually referred to as the originators of the first person shooter genre in video games with games like Wolfenstein , Quake , and DOOM... More
  • Blog Post: Rage: Great Gameplay but Lack of Substance.

    After years of waiting, I finally got my hands on Rage. I have to say that Rage is a great game, very fluid and precise. What it lacks in the story and the open world it makes up for in it's gameplay. The graphics are beautiful and streamlined. The audio and ambiance are fantastic as well. Gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: Rage: Great Accomplishment

    Rage essentially is the best looking game to date. I have never seen a game run at 60 fps with such graphical fidelity. The actual gameplay is purely amazing. The way the enemies navigate the environment is next level stuff. They'll do anything to dodge your bullets, weather that be swing along pipes... More
  • Blog Post: Raging Mad After Buying id's Newest Shooter

    I would like to start off by saying that id deserves the utmost respect and reverence due to their innovative ideas and genre defining gameplay . With that said and out of the way let me outline for you my personal experiences with Rage. My friends and I had been anxiously awaiting the release of this... More
  • Blog Post: Beautiful on the outside, empty in the middle.

    [Review: 6/10] Rage isn't a terrible game by most standards; it's just somewhat lacking in substance. The campaign seems to clock in around 10-15 hours, but I only made it through 5-6 before I grew tired of what felt like an endless supply of sidequests. Despite one of the prettiest (and well... More
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