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  • Blog Post: Id Software Excels At Their Strengths, Doesn't Flop At The Rest

    Rage is a beautiful and terrifying game. This was evident from the opening cinematic, which features a massive asteroid crashing into earth; detailed by id’s gorgeous id Tech 5 engine. The entire game’s visuals are incredibly crisp and clear. My only other comparable experiences were with... More
  • Blog Post: RAGE Review

    Rage is the newest release from id Software, the pioneers of the FPS and creators of such games as DOOM and Wolfenstein. This game is id Software’s proclaimed return to the business of creating games, after being absent for a few years. Does Rage stand out enough to make it a front runner in FPSs’... More
  • Blog Post: Return of the Old-School Shooter

    Many people have been disappointed by Rage. I guess they were expecting a military shooter. I bought Rage in hopes that it would be like Doom and it is. I grew up playing id Softwares games and this game delivered. This game is not like Borderlands, which to me is not much like Rage, plus Rage is way... More
  • Blog Post: Gaming Post Apocalyptia's Newest Installment

    ID software defined the first person shooter with doom, now with the gaming community being overrun with dull military shooters, does rage stand a chance in offering something new to the table, it has guns,monsters,and multiplayer......whats makes this game so special. The Game is set in a post apocalyptic... More
  • Blog Post: Fast Paced, Smooth and Overall a Quick Fun Game

    so i am one of the millions that picked this up (console). i have to say that it is one of the most beautifully textured games around. of course it will be soon replaced by the next beautifully looking game. i am only 8hrs in and the game is at it's core a shooter. there is very little rpg elements... More
  • Blog Post: Return of the Classic Shooter

    Rage reminds me of a mixture of Doom 3 and Borderlands. I actually cannot get into Borderlands a whole lot, but this game is great. The more I play Rage the more I love it. Gunplay is fun, fastpaced, exciting. The graphics are amazing and the game has a good length to it. Rage feels more like an old... More
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