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  • Blog Post: A Satisfying Mix of Order Anarchy

    RAGE . Not only do I resist the urge even now to make puns about that name, but I am amazed to say that it defies almost every expectation you have about it. If you told me I'd have some of the freshest fun in an singleplayer open world post-apocalypse game, I'd have laughed in your face. Now... More
  • Blog Post: Id Software Excels At Their Strengths, Doesn't Flop At The Rest

    Rage is a beautiful and terrifying game. This was evident from the opening cinematic, which features a massive asteroid crashing into earth; detailed by id’s gorgeous id Tech 5 engine. The entire game’s visuals are incredibly crisp and clear. My only other comparable experiences were with... More
  • Blog Post: Raging through the Wasteland

    Set in a post-apocalyptic waste, id software's leap back in the FPS foray is exciting, and a visual treat for gamers new and old. I'd liken the game to a mixture of Fallout meets Bordelands, if you completely rip out the RPG soul of both games. This may be a deterrent to those only interested... More
  • Blog Post: thumbs up

    This game was well worth the money. I enjoyed pretty much every moment the game play is smooth hand i didn't have one problem with it. Thing is when you think of Bethesda you think elder scrolls and Fallout I'm sorry but this is still like them but they don't give you a choice for most things... More
  • Blog Post: Feel the Rage

    A new game came out this year. Its a game called RAGE made by a little company called id Software. Oh and by little, I mean they CREATED the FPS genre, the most money-making genre in the industry. However, I'm not reviewing id as a company, I'm reviewing RAGE as their most recent IP to break... More
  • Blog Post: The Way to go!!!!

    Rage was fo sho the way to go. Once I started playing I was hooked right away. Lots of shooting and very challenging. The guns are all very awesome and the game play is sweet. Alright story line. I must say the lamest thing was the driving, it was just a bit difficult but that's the only complains... More
  • Blog Post: Rage Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Rage Review Kid Safe: Low (2.5 / 10) Game Quality: Very High (9.0 / 10) Genre: First-Person Shooter / Open World RPG - The name makes this form of game sound more complicated than it really is. These games are characterized by the viewpoint and weapons used in the title. In a first person shooter, you... More
  • Blog Post: Gaming Post Apocalyptia's Newest Installment

    ID software defined the first person shooter with doom, now with the gaming community being overrun with dull military shooters, does rage stand a chance in offering something new to the table, it has guns,monsters,and multiplayer......whats makes this game so special. The Game is set in a post apocalyptic... More
  • Blog Post: Awesome !!!!

    There are things I hate ane love about this game but there are more things I love about it then hate. I loved the fact ID Software and Bethesda where working on it before it came out. Being Bethesda I was exspecting it to be a very long game like Fallout 3 was. But that I've heard its not as long... More
  • Blog Post: Just shy from being perfect...

    I had just bought RAGE today and I have to say that the graphics are stunning! Everything in the world moves so smoothly (thanks to the 60 fps) and the character animations are very detailed. Of course, while playing the game I did suffer from texture lagging, but it wasn't too bad. The voice acting... More
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