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  • Blog Post: Id Software Excels At Their Strengths, Doesn't Flop At The Rest

    Rage is a beautiful and terrifying game. This was evident from the opening cinematic, which features a massive asteroid crashing into earth; detailed by id’s gorgeous id Tech 5 engine. The entire game’s visuals are incredibly crisp and clear. My only other comparable experiences were with... More
  • Blog Post: Gaming Post Apocalyptia's Newest Installment

    ID software defined the first person shooter with doom, now with the gaming community being overrun with dull military shooters, does rage stand a chance in offering something new to the table, it has guns,monsters,and multiplayer......whats makes this game so special. The Game is set in a post apocalyptic... More
  • Blog Post: Fast Paced, Smooth and Overall a Quick Fun Game

    so i am one of the millions that picked this up (console). i have to say that it is one of the most beautifully textured games around. of course it will be soon replaced by the next beautifully looking game. i am only 8hrs in and the game is at it's core a shooter. there is very little rpg elements... More
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