Rage is the newest release from id Software, the pioneers of the FPS and creators of such games as DOOM and Wolfenstein. This game is id Software’s proclaimed return to the business of creating games, after being absent for a few years. Does Rage stand out enough to make it a front runner in FPSs’ to come? Or is it just another crude shooter?

                Rage takes place in a post apocalyptic world after nuclear war and meteor strikes have decimated the majority of life on earth. Your character (who is never named) is an ark dweller, person chosen to be placed in an ark underground to avoid the struggle of the war. The first scene in Rage involves your character waking up from his hibernation in his ark, and stepping out into the world.

                This moment of discovery was one of the most awesome experiences I have had in gaming for a while. Once outside of the ark, you are given the opportunity to look around your surroundings. It is this moment that you can tell the developers did not waste any time making this game look awesome. I spent at least 5 minutes looking just at the sky to watch the clouds overhead. These graphics were some of the best I have seen in a very, very long time, however just because the graphic s are good does not mean that this is an overall good game.

                Part of my problem with this game is the lack of originality in the story. The main plot emphasizes the role of a small, underground, rebel organization working in secret to try and overthrow “The Authority”, a repressive central government. Honestly this plot has come up in so many other venues that from the get go I was not interested.

                One aspects of the game that I was interested in was the gunplay, at least at first. This game really delivers on creating realistic enemies that react appropriately to gun shots. One of the best moments in the game was facing my first mutant, him running down the hallway at me and me taking a couple seconds to place a shot in both legs. The mutant responded very well, tripping and stumbling when the bullet hit him. Even though this was cool for the first few hours of the game, the novelty eventually wears off and gunplay becomes a chore, something you do because you have to, not because you want to. There was a severe lack of weapons in Rage, which made the FPS lose its shine fast.

                Mission variety is another low point in the game for me. Not only has Rage generic fetch quests, some of the mission environments are replayed, which I did not enjoy. For example, in one mission you had to go through an abandoned laboratory to collect medicine, and then later in the game you go back to that same location just to run through the entire same building backwards. I feel that this really poor choice to make, because the developers had such a cool setting for the game.

                I would say that the environment of Rage is neat, but the developers failed to expand upon it. When a game this comes out, I expected some heavy environmental exploration and discovery, however this was not so. The extent of exploration was limited to driving in between levels to complete generic missions. This would not bug me, if the “wasteland” (the land outside of hub worlds and levels) had any incentive to explore. In my time spent with the game, I never felt the urge to actually explore; I just drove from mission to mission without a second thought.

                Rage was a highly anticipated release; however it fails to deliver in many aspects. From mission variety to gunplay to story, this game falls short in compare to others in its field. The only thing that stuck out to me in this game was the graphics, which were nothing short of stunning, unfortunately this is the only high point in the game.    


p.s.. This was my first review so please don’t hesitate to criticize. These were all my thoughts and I did my best to put them down on paper. Please give me all the advice you can, as I want to start writing reviews much more but I don’t want them to be complete ***.