Set in a post-apocalyptic waste, id software's leap back in the FPS foray is exciting, and a visual treat for gamers new and old. I'd liken the game to a mixture of Fallout meets Bordelands, if you completely rip out the RPG soul of both games. This may be a deterrent to those only interested in those titles for their RPG aspect, but I'd suggest giving it a whirl as the non-stop action will have you completely sucked in before you can remember what a skill tree looks like (no trees in the waste makes it that much harder to remember).

Rage has your character striking out into the wastes of what is left of the world as you used to know it, hundreds of years after a meteor forced humans to adapt to the barren and pock-marked earth as it now is. This leaves you a little behind the times, but id made sure to super pack you full of awesome for what you're set to face now. Although the story seems to get cut short, there's plenty to do in Rage to keep you occupied for hours without ever losing sight of the main objectives (my final play time was just around 13 hours). From bandit killing, to buggy racing, id packs plenty to keep you entertained and with everyone you interact with there feels like a genuine response.

I gave Rage an 8.25  so I suppose it's time to break that down for you:

Gameplay: 9 - it's fun, and very clean. Tons of weapons and different ammunition keeps every encounter varied. Plus did I mention there's so much to do (Five Finger Filet, Simon Says, a whole lot of side quests, and tricking out all of your vehicles)?!

Audio: 9 - from the guns to the voice-acting everything is top notch. Nothing sends more shivers down my spine than when you're trying to sneak through the Dead City and a mutant starts screaming in the distance, alerting his brethren to your approach.

Graphics: 9 - they made the game over a six-year span, but it surely doesn't show it. My girlfriend walked in while I was in the town of Wellspring and thought I was watching a movie, "Nope, playing Rage honey!"

Story: 6 - sadly the only major pitfall of this game. When they tell you that you're on the final mission they mean it. Up to this point you've mainly just run and grabbed things, or more often run and killed a lot of people and then grabbed something. While Rage has some interesting storyline elements they're just not at the forefront, and that's the only major area that suffers.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't get around to playing any of the Multiplayer so for rating purposes I've left that aspect out.

If you love the FPS genre, but are tired of fragging noobs on the latest COD roll-out definitely set aside some time to give Rage a shot. If you're entrenched in Fallout 3, but can't get over the hump than Rage will definitely revitalize your wasteland experience. I managed to get Rage as a steal of a deal when I bought a used copy of Dead Island to play through with friends, Rage came with it for $1... and they say you can't buy anything for a dollar. Pah! Give it a try, and if his review was helpful to you let me know. It's my first one.

PS3: AUT0aim1337