This game was well worth the money. I enjoyed pretty much every moment the game play is smooth hand i didn't have one problem with it. Thing is when you think of Bethesda you think elder scrolls and Fallout I'm sorry but this is still like them but they don't give you a choice for most things someone says bring this to ______ its very dangerous it doesn't let you say well i don't want to die it makes you say okay i will risk my neck for a low pay. Id is not very known but they have great games. I loved it though the weapons were great and the whole story was pretty good. The mini games are fun they have alot of racing to. This game is a mix of borderlands and fallout. It has beautiful graphics of course there is some texture popping games but what do you expect from a RPS (role playing shooter) The main story finishing all races getting most trophies beating all mini game modes (hours:minutes:seconds)

Easy: 10:12:52

Medium: 11:56:42

Hard: 14:29:03

Nightmare: 17: 52: 45

I didn't sleep cause i had so much fun. I would buy it if you haven't it has local and online CO-OP so its good to have on your shelf so when your pals come over you can show them how to blow off some mutants heads!