A new game came out this year. Its a game called RAGE made by a little company called id Software. Oh and by little, I mean they CREATED the FPS genre, the most money-making genre in the industry.

However, I'm not reviewing id as a company, I'm reviewing RAGE as their most recent IP to break out within the last 7 years. id is known for pushing boundaries on a technical level, from creating vaulted ceilings in DOOM, to the graphic card pushing QUAKE, and the technically brilliant DOOM 3, id always pushes the line on what we thought was possible on our machines. And boy, oh, boy do they do that here. RAGE is by far the best looking multi platform game I have ever seen run on my PS3 (Sorry, id, but God of War 3 and Uncharted 2...). Crysis 2? Work on your frame rate, buddy. RAGE has the graphics of you, plus a butter smooth frame rate makes this game absolutely gorgeous.


With that, I bring forth some qualms. id may have crafted some gorgeous vistas, but they had some trouble on the execution. The XBOX 360 version is the way to go, because of the lack of texture loading problems found on PS3. The PS3 has an 8GB install required, which I hoped would make the problems disappear, but alas, it didn't. Just driving around the wasteland is absolutely stellar, but when you are in combat and quickly turn around, the textures pop like you caught them without their clothes on. However, the XBOX 360 version has 3 discs. One for the majority of the Campaign, one for the last 3/4, and one for multiplayer. This presents some problems for someone who is busy trekking around the Dead City and suddenly a friend wants to play Road RAGE. Switching between discs is never fun, and its even worse here when everything happens suddenly. If you can, avoid the PC version. If you don't have the special AMD driver installed, you're gonna wonder why this game draws so much praise. Textures pop-in every time you turn, and its ugly. Also, the lack of advanced settings in unforgivable for this day and age. I'm pretty sure I know my computer better than you, id.

6 years in development means 6 years of fine-tuning. And this game is tuned to perfection. The best way to describe the gunplay is "Take Fallout 3 style areas, but Call of Duty shooting". It roars at 60FPS and the guns have the weight you have grown to love from games like Battlefield and Crysis. The snap feels excellent, and I have no criticisms about the gunplay. Well, a few more weapons would've been nice. And maybe another ammo type for Snipers. 

This is the ultimate place to show off the remarkable gunplay

If you have a headset or Stereo System, you're in luck. The soundtrack is nice, but the sound the guns make thunder in your gut. I turned up my bass on my Skullcandys and my jaw dropped. The shotgun is especially nice, well, until the enemies get harder. Then you'll be using the Crossbow. All of these weapons sound realistic and pack a punch, but the weapon that steals the show here is the wingstick. The wingstick is a 3 wing boomerang which is perfect for killing a charging enemy. Say a mutant is charging you. Press L2 and BOOM! His head flies off and his body crumples to the floor. Which brings me to my next point. The animation in this game is fantastic. Talking to the quest givers is addicting, because they move in their own specials ways that rival Battlefield 3. Enemies run and jump all over the place, and when you shoot them, especially with the shotgun, they die like they would realistically. If you shoot them in the leg, it will kick out from them, face-planting them. Seriously, its awesome.

All of these are definite pros, but a HUGE con is the story that id wrote. It is about as generic as it gets. You wake up from the Ark and become basically Errand Boy 2023. You pick a "class" early on, which does absolutely nothing for you. You join the Resistance for some reason I never picked up and you have to take down the "Authority". Also, the ending, which is the biggest WTF moment of the game, is a gargantuan let down. Never before have I been so disappointed with a final mission. Seriously, it sucks. The length of the campaign is about 8 hours on Easy mode, but expect to die and have to be set back about 30 minutes. Save a lot, my friends.

You have no say in the matter

Many people are up in flames about the linearity of the game, saying the Wasteland is basically just a huge hub world. And I'm totally fine with that. If this is a hub world, it is the most amazing hub ever crafted in a video game. You race around, battling mutants, delivering letters, finding Playing Cards (which makes a rather fun mini-game), and entering locales. These locales are entirely linear, which make them feel more like DOOM levels than a Zelda dungeon, but I would get lost so fast in Dead City that I'm completely happy they are linear affairs.

I'd get into the mini games and multiplayer, but It's long enough already. Just know that they're excellent.

Overall, RAGE is an excellent product. If you want a good, post-apocalyptic story to boot, look to Fallout 3. If you want visuals, combat depth, and gameplay. Look no further.

+The Knock-Out graphics/animation/overworld etc.

+Super Tight Combat

+Large "dungeons"


-It ends pretty quickly

-The story...

-Characters are tough to like

-Played it a little too safe

On the Game Informer Scale: 9.25/10