In Rabbids Go Home, the titular creatures have ditched the minigame blueprint of previous Rabbid games for an entertaining platformer with a shopping cart.

The Rabbids want to go to the moon, and must create a giant pile of random items in order to climb there. Two Rabbids man a shopping cart and traverse the game's levels to collect nearly everything in their path. The action is quirky if nothing else. You can literally scare the pants off of humans by shaking the Wii remote to gather their clothing, chase down a cow then flush it down a toilet to add it to your stock, grab a sick hospital patient in a bubble bed to help you float toward hard-to-reach items, and more. The fast and frenetic action is fun at first, but cow racing and other sequences become repetitive as they make multiple appearances in the game.

Angry dogs, turrets, and Verminators (men in puffy Hazmat suits) stand in the way of item collecting, but these encounters aren't challenging. Verminator skirmishes require you to simply knock off their suit with the shopping cart. Though they have varying abilities based on the color of their suits (spin attack, pounce, etc.) it would have been great to see more enemy variety overall.

A second player can join in on the action with one player handling the cart while the other hurls a Rabbid housed inside the Wii Remote at enemies. Players can also customize Rabbids using stamps and items unlocked by collecting a certain number of items in the game. Though co-op isn't particularly stellar, watching a customized Rabbid in a thong and makeup run amok through grocery stores, chemical plants, and corporate offices is quite the sight to behold.

Rabbids Go Home, though at times repetitive, is a fun game with laugh-out-loud animations. Any game with Rabbids in fisticuffs over a pouch of Capri Sun is okay in my book.