I've only played 33% of this game, and I'm already full enamored with it. The concept of switching dimensions is fresh and incredibly solid. The art direction has the feel of a Ratchet title with a coat of Pixar paint. The mansion itself is spacious and uses the primary colors to designate what areas to explore while progressing through the game. My favorite thing about the scenery is the fact that the paintings on the wall change with the dimensions. For example, if it's a picture of the professor,  the Fluffy dimension we'll have him in a bunny suit and the Heavy dimension has him rocking out on a Flying V guitar. It's design choices like this that make it on par with games like Portal. Sure, GlaaDos isn't heckling you in a hilarious fashion, but it's a different concept all together. The dimension shifting works flawlessly with the puzzles and platforming. The narration is solid, but it could be a little bit better. I wouldn't have minded a cliche German-accented professor spatting one-liners every so often. Also, the platforming sequences are fairly difficult at some points, but never enough to warrant a gripe. Go to Metacritic and read Wired's review for a good interpretation of the game. 9/10