I've been keeping an eye on this game ever since Kim Swift revealed that she and Airtight had been working on it during E3 and now that it's out, I'm relieved to say that I wasn't disappointed.

One thing I didn't know about was John De Lancie's involvement. Hearing him narrate the beginning of the game was an amazing nerd treat as I'm quite fond of Star Trek and his appearances on the show (not to mention his many other TV appearances which are just as awesome in their own right). The game just gets better from that point. You're slowly but surely walked through basics of QC right off the bat and thankfully, the game doesn't sacrifice any quirkiness for the sake of complex puzzles. And for that, I'd say the learning curve is somewhere on par with Portal 2.

The house you're exploring through the game looks so open and welcome you'll just wanna stop and ponder its warm nature before actually "doing" anything ( I literally stood still and inspected a single painting for at least 5 minutes). The cartoon-y look fits it especially well.

I'd love to go into more details but for the sake of not spoiling anything, I'll just say that this game is the fix you've been needing if you're a major Portal buff. It feels as if Double FIne and Valve teamed up and made a love child of a game. It's impossible not to appreciate its charm.