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Quantum Conundrum

Square Enix Releases A New Trailer. It's About Time

An old educational video has surfaced, showing how the concept of time may be more fluid than you may have imagined. In it, you'll see how the Interdimensional Shift Device lets players control the flow of time while solving Quantum Conundrum's puzzles.

The video does have a snippet of gameplay near the end, so stick with it. If you've ever wanted a pause button in real life, this could be the next best thing.

Airtight Games' Quantum Conundrum is set for a summer release on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and Steam. Read our preview for a deeper look at the game, including a glimpse at some of the other dimensions.

Just for fun, check out this completely unrelated video series if you enjoy this type of pseudo-educational programming.

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  • I don't usually go for puzzle games, but this looks different. In a good way.
  • is this portal?
  • Idk. Felt like portal.

  • definitely inspired by Portal and the aperture labs

  • It looks like Portal because it game is being made by Kim Swift, one of the creators of Portal. Silly Rabbit...
  • That video reminded me of "Look Around You"

  • I've been waiting for some news on this game ever since GI featured it in the magazine a while ago. Too bad Square didn't want to show a little more gameplay though.

  • Big fan of puzzle games, and this is one of those that looks a little different. I like where this game is going and am very much excited to see more.

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  • Guys. this is made by a creator of portal. Stop saying it reminds you of portal.
  • This game reminds me of Portal for some reason.
  • A Triple A Portal rip-off?
  • Cave Johnson Approves
  • Err Portal?
  • This was probably the gayest video i have seen...
  • headline cracked me up.

  • A new portal?!

  • It looks like Portal and
    I want it.

    Also, "science juice?"

    Edit: Apparently it's made by the guy who made Portal. I GET IT NOW.
  • When does this game launch? ive been waiting since last year.

  • Looks like it will be continuing the quirky humor of the Portal games. Thank, Kim Swift!

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