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  • Blog Post: This Game Is Filled With Puzzles, But Buying It Shouldn’t Be

    The thrill of a good puzzle is something of a mystery. Many gamers enjoy brainteasers, but the act of solving one is rarely enjoyable. A good puzzle makes us stretch the analytical parts of our brain in ways that sometimes feel like work. An unsolved puzzle makes us feel stupid and incapable. Being stuck... More
  • Blog Post: New Quantum Conundrum Screens

    Portal lead designer Kim Swift has joined up with Airtight Games for Quantum Conundrum, which is being published by Square Enix. Check out how the game is shaping up. The screens show off some of the environments and puzzles you'll be navigating as you try to track down your eccentric scientist uncle... More
  • Blog Post: Kim Swift's New Game Looks Amazing

    The next project from Kim Swift (who left Valve after working on Portal to lead her own team at Airtight Games) is an adorable puzzle-platformer that lets you play with the laws of physics to solve complex puzzles. Quantum Conundrum has echoes of Portal in its room-by-room puzzle design, but its mechanics... More
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