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  • Blog Post: New Quantum Conundrum Trailers Makes Physics Fun!

    This video looks at some of the hard science behind Quantum Conundrum's physics-based puzzle action -- and showcases a guy getting hit in the face with a pie. Quantum Conundrum will release on Steam on June 21 and at an unspecified later date this summer on consoles. More
  • Blog Post: Meet Ike In New Trailer

    Update: You can see a handful of new Quantum Conundrum screens alongside the E3 trailer for this first-person puzzle game with Portal roots. Original Story: There's more to Quantum Conundrum than its physics-based puzzles. It's also home to a variety of offbeat characters including the eccentric... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Releases A New Trailer. It's About Time

    An old educational video has surfaced, showing how the concept of time may be more fluid than you may have imagined. In it, you'll see how the Interdimensional Shift Device lets players control the flow of time while solving Quantum Conundrum's puzzles. The video does have a snippet of gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: Kim Swift's New Game Looks Amazing

    The next project from Kim Swift (who left Valve after working on Portal to lead her own team at Airtight Games) is an adorable puzzle-platformer that lets you play with the laws of physics to solve complex puzzles. Quantum Conundrum has echoes of Portal in its room-by-room puzzle design, but its mechanics... More
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