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Quantum Conundrum

New Quantum Conundrum Screens

Portal lead designer Kim Swift has joined up with Airtight Games for Quantum Conundrum, which is being published by Square Enix. Check out how the game is shaping up.

The screens show off some of the environments and puzzles you'll be navigating as you try to track down your eccentric scientist uncle, Prof. Fitz Quadwrangle. The gameplay revolves around switching between four different dimensions that naturally change the characteristics of rooms and their objects. Accordingly, you can slow down time as well as increase, decrease, and reverse gravity.

The game is scheduled to hit PC, XBLA, and PSN sometime this summer.

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  • Do want! I'm jumping on board for this. Quantum Conundrum sounds like fun.

  • this game looks quirky. I'm in

  • sign me up.

  • is that a companion cube?
  • It already looks amazing. Damn shame they couldn't release it in Q1 like they wanted to. I've got such an itch..

  • DO WANT.

  • This looks quirky and  i like the 'wierd' enviroment, exactly what i excpect from an the creator.

  • Definitely excited. It looks like it's shaping up extremely well.

  • Mod

    is that a fat cat

  • PORTAL Dev Kim Swift is on this,,,,,   IM IN

  • its a buy

  • Hopefully this'll be as good as Portal.

  • Im going to buy this game so hard....

  • I would love to try this game out, but I will definitely look at some feedback on it before I get it.

  • wow.  sounds like portal on crack.

  • I have seen videos of this game and I must say it is a unique and innovative idea.. I mean it was the lead designer of Portal so that just should automatically make you realize oh *** this is going to be a good game.

  • Portal meets steroids

  • Only the fact that Kim Swift is making this game has me pumped. I want to marry that girl since the first time I played Portal :p

  • Be keeping my eye on this one..

  • This game sounds fun!