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Puzzle Quest 2

The Cult Hit Gets A True Sequel

When D3 Publisher unleashed the first Puzzle Quest to the world, everyone was caught by surprise. A game that is half RPG and half puzzle? That's crazy talk! Well the combination ended up becoming a recipe for success as not only was the original game released on almost every platform, it also spawned DLC and the spin-off Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. With GDC 10 in full gear, D3 is finally letting us get our hands on Puzzle Quest 2 and we were able to check out the first few minutes of the Xbox Live Arcade version.

Like the first game, Puzzle Quest 2 is set in a fantasy world and features four character types: Assassin, Barbarian, Sorcerer and Templar. Each class will have its own unique abilities and way to fight. For example, the Assassin can use deadly poisons on enemies whereas the Barbarian will rely more on being a well rounded fighter and can use two-handed weapons, something that is new to the series. Each character will now have four armor slots and two weapon slots. There are tons of items to be found and upgraded in PQ2. The crafting system has been removed and replaced with said upgrade system and will rely on materials gained from battle loot.

One of the biggest changes to the game is the way you view it. Previously, Puzzle Quest was just a simple, overhead map that had the player moving from town to town on paths and fighting whatever came along. With Puzzle Quest 2, developer Infinite Interactive has given the game a complete graphical makeover. The out of combat experience much more resembles an action RPG rather than an old school strategy title. While the game still retains the classic gameplay, the rest of the experience will be much more geared towards drawing the player in.

The core gameplay from PQ1 returns with a few subtle changes. Players will still be playing the same basic puzzle mechanic and collecting the mana gems for skills and spells but the different number of types have increased from four to five. Skulls also return to deal damage to the enemy and is the primary way to win a battle. The big changes come with the removal of experience and gold collecting in the actual battle. Infinite has streamlined this to just become a result of winning the battle. Taking their place on the board are the new action points, which are represented by fist-shaped gems. Collecting these will act like the mana gems but will build towards dealing direct damage with your equipped weapon.

Other, smaller additions and changes to the title include the removal of mounts, the addition of new mini games like lock picking and door bashing. While item crafting has been removed, spell creation games will return. D3 tells us that there will also be over 80 enemies to fight and epic boss battles. We were also told that Puzzle Quest 2 is "DLC ready" unlike the previous game which they had to alter to make work. They wouldn't actually confirm anything but it's safe to say there's a good chance it will happen. Fans can start planning for the end of their free time to begin this Spring when Puzzle Quest 2 hits Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo DS.

Be sure to check out the GDC 2010 hub page for quick access to more news and hands-on impressions from the event.

  • NICE

  • Wow. Looks nice.

  • i really enjoyed the first puzzle quest a lot...i think a lil to much it was unhealthy...but i had it for just out of curiosity will they ever bring this to the psn anytime in the distant future?? or is this just a xbox live game...

  • Yeeeeesssssss!!!!

  • I really enjoyed the first one.

  • Oh baby, this is the biggest news story of the day.  

    Wow, they really made some significant changes.  I'm glad they took the exp and gold gems off the board, they were useless.  That East Market screen looks great, definitely a big upgrade from the map in the last game.

    After the colossal letdown that was Galactrix, I absolutely can't wait to play PQ 2.  I'm extremely excited!  

  • I absolutely loved the first one. Played it straight through and still go back to it. Hopefully this on delivers as well.

  • Cool beans, the new overworld looks pretty cool.

  • Finally. Hurray for Puzzle Quest.

  • This could not make me more happy.  I'm thrilled about this.  I'm really excited for it.  I've ran out of different ways to say that I can't wait for it already.  

  • Excellent. Can't wait for the demo to hit the 360. Although I played the first game on the DS, I think I want the enhanced graphics of the 360.

  • @utopianmachine

    Trust me, there aren't any enhanced graphics on the 360 version. The graphics here aren't exactly amazing.

  • Huh, guess I'll be spending a lot of time with this as well!

  • I am so pumped! I have been trying to find something to fill my PQ void but nothing has worked...aside from playing PQ1.