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Puppeteer Continues To Look Impressive

Sony has a ton of great-looking titles coming out next year, such as Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, and The Last of Us. But the one game that stands out to me is Puppeteer.

While it's great the industry continues to strive for realism and push boundaries, sometimes it's nice to get a platformer like this once in awhile. I'm getting kind of tired having to shoot things all the time in games, ya know?

Puppeteer is out sometime next year. Hopefully the whole game is as impressive as the trailers so far.

  • This is one of my most anticipated games of 2013. I agree with what you said about shooters. My buddy calls me the Pretentious Gamer, because I hate all the main stream drivel that is spewed out year after year. My game of the year in 2010 was LIMBO, just to give you an idea. The fact that they are already floating rumors about MW5 makes me want to puke. Puppeteer will make main stream games wish they had soul.
  • Retail or Digital? Read; $60 or $15?
  • This looks like my kinda game. Creepy, cute platformer? Yes please! It's about time something good came out that wasn't just a remake of some older game

  • I like it mainly because it has a LittleBigPlanet vibe to it.
  • Delightful that titles like this are still being made.

  • This game looks pretty awesome Sony! I dig it a lot. I'll take more of this and less All-Stars Battle Royale. I can play that on my Wii and it's called Super Smash Bros.

  • I think because I liked Little Big Planet well enough, I'm genuinely looking forward to this one. No it's not the same devs., but it looks great.

  • As much as I like the Super Mario platformers, this looks like a nice change of pace.
  • Staff

    This looks amazing - I'll keep my eyes on this one.

  • Is this running on the same engine as LBP?  It looks nearly identical.

  • i only have an xbox and am seriously getting like depressed from all of these amazing ps exclusives i'm missing out on. (especially last of us)

  • I'm not sure I'm quite feeling it.

  • Looks fun. This and little big planet are the only sony games that ever have grabbed my attention. I hope I get a chance to try it.