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tips and tricks to KO in Punch-Out!!


tips and tricks to KO in Punch-Out!!

Having trouble taking down a Bald Bull or making a flat Soda Popinski? Don't hang up your boxing gloves yet. Here are some tips to help you get through punch out.

1. Take some time to practice

You should do this every time you unlock the next opponent. You have a hologram virsion of the fightter with without getting tired or beatten. This lets you know more about the fightter. Keep fightting him until you can KO or TKO the fightter. This lets you know you're ready.

2. Find stars for star punches

All the fightters have secrets of getting a star. Here are some. One of them is if you can hit them before they can hit you. Some fightters like Glass Joe and Von Kasur have this and many more. Popinski: just punch him in the stomach. King Hippo: when he does his move by punching you on both sides, quickly punch him in the stomach (note: doing this also makes him lose his crown). Don Flamingo: when he does his rose furry, dodge to the left/right (depending on which side he claps his hands) and he'll be off guard giving you a star. Hondo in TD: when he does his multiple/fast jabs, punch him in the stomach before he throws his first punch. There are tons more, but I'm not going to reviel them all.

3. Look for weaknesses

Like with the star punches, fightters have weaknesses and many of them. Glass Joe: there are parts when Glass Joe steps back and then comes back. When he comes back, hit him right in his weak spot which his name comes from (Glass Joe sounds like the term glass jaw). He'll automatically fall right down onto the ring (it's in the stomach when you're fightting him in TD). Hondo: do the same thing in tip 2 but in contendor to make him fall for the count. Bald Bull: when he does his bull rush attack, quickly punch him in the stomach to make him fall (this will also give you a star). Aran Ryan: basiclly, don't throw jabs. Aran Ryan always uses his head to cheat, which makes you think that it wouldn't hurt much if punch. Punching in the stomach redueces his hit bar more than if jabbed. S. Macho Man: everytime you have a chance to attack him, go for the head. When he moves after punched a certain amount of times, quickly punch him in the stomach for an extra punch (plus punching him in the face makes him look better).

This is all I could bring up. Follow these tips and you'll have no problem with any fighter.