I had never played any of these game before when I was little cause I didn't really care for them. I then remember my little cousin told me he had it for the Wii, and said it was a blast. So the next time I went up to there house, guess what we played? Punch-out!! and I must say, I had a blast. Nintendo hs brought a beloved series to modern day console.

 While the graphics might not be amazing, the animation and characters look pretty good. I mean it's Wii. Who wouldn't want it looking cartoonish? There's not really a story, but there are different modes. After you complete each mode, another one is unlocked. First is Career mode, then Title defense mode, and finally last stand mode. Theres also a exhibition mode as well.

 The sounds is pretty good. The voices of the characters actually match their characters. The music is also well created to. This is Punch-Out!! though. You don't want to hear this crap. You just want to play, and have fun. The gameplay is quick and smooth. When you punch, your characters punch.

 Overall, Punch-out!! is a really fun Wii game, and a great addition to your Wii games. I really had fun, and you and your family will have fun as well. Definitely a great gane for a party. That's why I give Punch-out!! a

9 out of 10