we've waited since super punch out for the next sequal. consoles later, nintendo teamed up with next level games to finally make a sepuals. Is it worth it? the answer, hell ya. nintendo brought back 12 favorites from the originals plus 2 new characters. first of, the graphics. I have to say, the game has a nice cartoony graphics. as the fight continues on, you and your opponints recive bandages, loose teeth, and many more which is preaty cool. the classic theme gets a little remake to fit the moder times and it's awsome. there are three ways to play this game. wii remote /w nunchuck, wii remote (nes style) and wii remote /w nunchuck and balance board. the wii remote alone works really good and is what most people would perfer. if someone said that the wii remote /w nunchuck doesn't work, don't listen, it does work. /w balance board, however, is the main control to advoid. mainly because the controls aren't as functional. plus it's not as fun to move to doge. one last thing, if someone said the game is too easy, don't listen to that as well. the game does start out increadlebly easy ( i'm looking at you Glass joe), but it gets very challenging later. overall, nintendo and nlg did a nice job. if you have a wii, pick this game up.