Game play- The game play is exactly like the first nes Punch Out. There is your basic left/right punches and left/right maneuvering with the occasional star punches if you gain them. The game play is solid and feels like you are playing a re-vamped, re-wired Punch Out game. 10/10

Replay- The replay value is one of the coolest additions to this game. Once you beat the game once through you get the golden gloves and golden trunks as you fight the same 14 characters over again. This time around the characters have new animations, basic moves, special moves, and new weak spots. It feels like your playing a whole different game that is a lot harder. The game is basically 2 games in 1. 10/10

Difficulty- The difficulty leveling is dead on. The levels of characters are pretty easy to figure out, but still offer a challenge compared to the original NES Punch Out. It seems that Nintendo added a lot more flavor to there line-up with more moves and more special attacks. They definately catered this game to the 1980's fan boys of this game and not the little soccer mom kids that bought this game. 8/10

Story-The story is almost exactly the same as the original NES game and I would expect it to be the same since it is a re-make of the original. It's 17 year old Little Mac trying to become the World Champion Boxer and he will do anything to beat his foes in the process. However they should have added better cut scenes and more story details as to why he wanted to become a boxer or how he met Doc. The little aspects would have been nice. 7/10

Final Thoughts-In my opinion this game is one of the best Wii games put out to date. It has high replay value, great game mechanix (like the NES version), awesome cell shading graphics, multyplayer fighting, etc. If your a fan of the first 2 games than your a fan of this game. This is definitely a put in the system every once in a while type game just like the original was. I'm a HUGE Punch Out!! fanatic and had to buy this one and recommend you buy it as well if your truely a Punch Out!! fanboy like myself.

Rating-Buy it!! 9/10