I've decided to give out pro tips for [PROTOTYPE] that can help you become a master at the game.I will give you tips on how to use your powers,and tips on movement, and of course combat.It may not seem that way but if you pay attention you'll see how I'm helping you.

-Some people look at the claws and think of it as a weak power.It's not.Once you've purchased all the upgrades for it it is very deadly.My best tip is to use the groundspike on tanks, and large groups of enemies.If you've maxed out the groundspike technique you can use it on tanks and blow em up with one groundspike attack.It is also very quick and swift so if you wanna take out two or three people quick.Use the claws.

-Now for the muscle mass.Now there is more to it than just making people and soldiers blow up into a fountain of blood.It actually makes more attacks like the critical pain devastator devastating.Example if you have the cannonball technique you can launch yourself at a further distance than usual.Also if you've purchased all the muscle mass upgrades before the final boss fight it'll benefit you.When you fight the supreme hunter use the muscle mass and the critical pain devastator.Trust me you'll kill him easily I know I did.

-Now for the hammerfists.Despite it's slow attacks it can be very powerful against big enemies.Do hunters bother you when your trying to kill them when they unleash the little claws of fury?My advice dive roll away from them then use the hammerfist smackdown attack and stun them.While stuned fill free to unleash more hammerfist combo's on them,hit them with the hunter dirtnap technique,or switch to a different power and kill them.Do you ever fell overwhelmed by tanks,infected,and soldiers?No problem if you've got the hammerfist toss you can use it to toss yourself out of the battlefield.

-Now for the whipfist.This is basically a crowd control power.As we all know the whipfist can kill many enemies at once.But it's also useful in non-combat situations.If you wanna grab a Web Of Intrigue target but don't wanna get up close to do it use the longshot grab and you'll get your target without anybody being able to notice you were there.If your on a roof and you wanna take out someone from a distance hold the Y button and Mercer will lash his whipfist out and kill the target.Not to mention the chance of taking out other people at the same time.You also take out viral detectors,uavs,and sentry guns without getting up close.

-Finally time for the blade.The blade to me is alot of things like a crowd control weapon,and a one hitter quiter.If you wanna kill a hunter or blow up a tank in one attak use the blade air slice technique.If you feel like slicing up many enemies use the blade sprinting frenzy technique to lunge forward unleashing a frenzy of slices to kill many enemies(except hunters and super soldiers). The reason I look at the blade as a crowd control weapon is because you can slice up many enemies at once with the double-edged weapon.It's very useful against many enemies.It can easily take out tanks and hunters in only a few strikes.You don't even have to use the blade air slice to easily kill them.So I recommend the blade when comes to most close combat situations.

-Here are some tips on how to take out helicopters and tanks.The easiest way to take out helicopters is the cannonball technique it takes out helicopters with one strike.Now if you wanna take out a group of tanks easily use the groundspike  graveyard devastator.Well people there my pro tips I hope that you use them.If you have anything to say visit my profile page and leave a message.:)