What most people on this website seem to think is that this game proclaimed itself as the king of all games, or that it was a big-league release. its not, and it never said it was. Thing is though, at its core, this game really is solid. The vehicle controls are spot-on, as well as the player movement, though some of the crazier powers are hard to do, like X-B....

People get all hung-up about the plot, which is admittedly veeeery confusing. i pretty much skipped all the cutscenes though and started jumping off sky-scrapers and blowing stuff up with the thermoberic tank. the real fun from that is when the infected dominate the streets and you can plow down infected by the dozens. the devestators you can use are some of the craziest and most awsome powers ive seen in a game to date.

this is not the best game ever made, and there are flaws, but if the same developers make a sequel or continuation, it will be EPIC. 

Now that you can pretty much get this game for about 15$, you really should buy this game. today.