What ever Happened to jumping around and blowing stuff up like a maniac anyway?


In anycase, playing Prototype was a strange and slightly, albeit Extremly disturbing walk through what was probably the big apple. But sadly i didn't have the slightest clue of what the story was about. My inturpretation of the story would leave to head scratching from the listener and the teller. So i'm not gonna get into that. A majority of my complaints come from the gameplay. And while jumping gliding and breaking & entering might all sound fun on the drawing board. The Controls really got to me. For example: The Cannon Ball Move was something that looked really really cool to do. But the Control componation was so hard to push all of them. You need to use both hands in a very akward position. And the atomatic jumping will get on your nerves. And the collectibles are hard to get strictly because of the gameplay that doesn't alow it. The Fact that the creators (who ever made this game anyway) of this made a special package that if you pre order Singularity you get a free copy of prototype, doesn't seem to do much good in it's favor. While I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel, i really hope they fix up the gameplay if they intend to make a sequel. And while there at it. GET A BETTER FREAKIN STORY!