Prototype is one of those superhero games that most people might look away from. I did not look away from this game and was very surprised at what I found. This game is impressive from start to finish. the graphics are gorgeous and cutscenes look very real. The controls might take some getting used to at first and some of the minigames in the game like the tank minigame is boring, repetitive and sometimes very stupid. The story is good but not great. At some points in the game you may lose track of where the story is actually going, and sometimes you might even know what is going to happen. The sound is very impressive. The explosions sound very real and you should absolutely play this game with surround sound. The voice acting is spot on and highlights the character nicely. As you progress through the game you will be able to improve your powers and be more of a badass. This is a very impressive superhero experience that a lot of people might enjoy if they just give it a chance. Prototype is a 8 out of 10.