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  • Blog Post: Great game, but with many cracks in the foundation

    Project X zone is a sequel to the Japanese only PS2 game Namco X Capcom, with Sega added into the mix. The entire cast is filled with many familiar and not so familiar faces added into the mix, and spans 40+ hours of gameplay. The voice acting is in japanese with english subtitles, and there is plenty... More
  • Blog Post: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

    Cross-overs are a very tricky subject, especially when it comes to beloved gaming franchises from decades passed. Games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and even Persona 4 Arena have successfully shown you can combine characters from different games and even franchises while keeping them close to the mark and... More
  • Blog Post: The greatest crossover

    I really enjoyed this game. I have never played a strategy game aside from Fire Emblem, but I really enjoyed this. It is full of familiar characters and it feels amazing having everybody gang up on one boss with all the assists and crossover attacks. The one thing I think could have been better was character... More
  • Blog Post: Take a Major Crossover, Take a Mega Risk, Take a Mega Pay Off

    Project X Zone is an S/TRPG developed by Sega, Namco Bandai and Capcom in a joint effort. Fan-service would be the first point of the game, but the game itself actually has a combat system that can take time to master, graphics that, while not on console levels, can stun with how much detail there is... More
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