Project X zone is a sequel to the Japanese only PS2 game Namco X Capcom, with Sega added into the mix. The entire cast is filled with many familiar and not so familiar faces added into the mix, and spans 40+ hours of gameplay.

The voice acting is in japanese with english subtitles, and there is plenty of it during the earlier portions of the game. However, the lack of funding shows when over halfway through the game the majority of the dialogue is conducted through text only and is used sparingly during particular events to convey emotion.

The story seems weak as many enemies will return and die very late deaths. However, it has it's good moments such as Chapter 31, involving Zero, and the fan service to diehard fans of each represented franchise. Were it not for said support, the story would practically fall apart. Then again, if you were coming in with high expectations for something along the lines of other tactical RPGs instead of the crossover, you should have just picked up a hello kitty game instead.

Gameplay is fun and feels good until those last chapters. The game isn't difficult at all, so anyone new to the genre can easily pick this up. It feels somewhat like a fighting game, except the enemy does not attack back until their turn is given or if they counter.

The Visuals in this game are well done to where it fully warrants the 3D, and is very pleasing to the eye. Same goes for sound if you wanted to hear a remix of gain ground or Shining force EXA's hope.

Finally, the replay value is a joke- there simply isn't anything else that warrants a return trip other than a slightly higher difficulty and BGM selection.

Overall, the game is quality, and you will enjoy over 40 hours of seeing your favorite characters come together to face the issue of dimensional rifts caused by a few villains. On the other hand, it's only good for while it lasts and anyone unfamiliar with any of the 3 companies' franchises have no real reason to pick this game up.