Cross-overs are a very tricky subject, especially when it comes to beloved gaming franchises from decades passed. Games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and even Persona 4 Arena have successfully shown you can combine characters from different games and even franchises while keeping them close to the mark and true to the characters. Unfortunately Project X Zone misses this mark and falls flat on it's face in the process.

     Project X Zone is a turn-based strategy game with an action twist. Once battle is engaged with an enemy unit a real time battle begins. With combinations of the directional pad and the A button you can execute very flashy attack animations will play out. These attacks are juggle-based combos that require some timing to continue to combo and even score critical hits. All of these animations are simply beautiful to look at which is no surprise as this is the team that did the art for Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saians. This all may sound dynamic and interesting but hold your horses, there is a massive downside to it all.

     Firstly the animations that do play out get old extremely quickly despite their flash and splendor. Another drawback is how repetitive it all is. Chewing through thirty units becomes tiring and boring and it soon stops becoming engaging and quickly becomes a chore. Many of the environments are drab and boring as well with only a handful of highlights scattered about. The music is good with some catchy remixes of great classics, but the amount of time you spend listening to it makes it become tedious. The story is also nothing special. No characters get any sort of development aside from their respective games as they attempt to give each and every character their 15 minutes of fame. 

     All in all, this game obviously had a lot of time put into it but not a lot of brains into it. There are no real new elements added outside of the first few missions. For a game with so many characters in it, it has a shocking lack of variety or character. Maybe if Fire Emblem hadn't come out I would look at this game more positively, but it did and I don't and because of that I think this game deserves it's slightly above average rating.